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Youtube Subscriber Giveaway

Alright folks... you saw the post and now you're here.  I'm assuming you're ready to win some bucks for travel.

How to qualify?

1.  Subscribe to the Youtube channel.

2.  Join the Facebook Group.  Agree to accept the group rules and that's it.

Yeah, that's really it!!! You're entered.  Easy right?

Now...  We have certain goals that we want to hit and decided that we will do a giveaway gift card at each benchmark and a bigger prize for the final target.

100 Subscribers - $25 Gift Card

250 Subscribers - $25 Gift Card

500 Subscribers - $25 Gift Card

750 Subscribers - $50 Gift Card

1000 Subscribers - $200 Passport Club Travel Credit

Each giveaway will be done once we hit the target amount for each level.  Only a combination of people that are subscribed to Youtube and Facebook will be eligible.  This means that if we hit 100 subscribers but only 50 are also in the Facebook group then those 50 Subscribers/Members will be eligible for the drawing. Each giveaway will be done within 1 week of hitting the target Youtube subscribers.

For us to count your Youtube subscription your channel must be public.  We will take all of the public subscribers and validate that they are also in the Facebook group.  The giveaway will be by using an online randomizer and will be recorded and posted in the Facebook Group.

For 1000 Subscriber you must be a US Citizen.  The $200 credit must be used in one booking/trip and within one year of the drawing date. The giveaway will be done within 1 week of hitting 1k Youtube subscribers. The contest expires 2/28/22 or once 1k subscribers are hit for the 200 Passport Club Travel Credit.   Whichever occurs first. 

100, 250, 500, and 750 giveaways will not expire.

All winners are eligible to win more than once and will be contacted on Facebook for the delivery method of their gift card!!!

Thanks for participating and good Luck!

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