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New Years Eve

Dec 31 - Jan 7

Here's your chance to celebrate the New Year in another country.  Especially in a country that has great food and a unique culture that's worth experiencing at least once.   But on this trip, we will have a chance to experience two parts of Thailand.  The city and the paradise. 


We will spend the first 4 nights in Bangkok taking in the city and everything it has to offer.  Then the next 3 nights will be relaxing in a little known place called Phuket where it's rumored to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Now much like the Medellin trip this will feel like a solo trip but with people you're familiar with.  We're booking the hotel, flights to Phuket, and transfers.  If you're looking to bundle and save then we can book the flights from the States as well.  


The rest of the trip is catered to you and what you want to experience.  We will be posting several excursions and you can choose what days you want to do them.   If you want to go solo that's great because we all need time to ourselves.  If you want to join others then that's also great because there's safety in numbers and sometimes it's good to have someone to share experiences with. 

Price:  This will be based on the accommodations you choose and if you choose a flight.  This is done this way to avoid overcharging travelers or charging for things they don't want.  The only way to lock in a price is by paying a deposit.  Prices will rise as travel gets going again and countries open up.


We will provide two quotes.  The first quote will give you an idea of what the price will be for what you want.  Then the second when you're ready to book and pay your deposit.  Request for additional quotes will be accepted with an additional charge.

Hotels are selling out already due to this being NYE.  We're booking at a 4-star hotel until they are completely booked out.  For those that book late we have two more 4-star hotel options available.  Remember the price is not locked in until a deposit has been paid.

If you're booking flights on your own remember that you will lose a day due to the time difference getting there and the flights are typically longer than a day.  To arrive on the 31st you will need to leave on the 29th or very early on the 30th.

A list of excursions and day trips will be provided with options and details throughout the next few months.  Remember you are not obligated to book any of them.  This is your trip and you need to experience the things you're interested in.  I will say this... There are a lot of temples, elephant sanctuaries, places to eat, nightlife, etc to experience.  If you have a suggestion, let us know and we can look into it and get pricing.

Below you will find a form to get your first quote going.  Submit your quote, book your trip, and let's get ready to celebrate NYE in a different way.

For entry into Thailand, vaccination, and entry requirements please click here.

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