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Track Your Travels

I was trying to figure out away to keep up with where I've been and logging it into my journal didn't seem like a great way to do it. I went online to find something that would standout whenever I looked at it. This search was short lived because Facebook/Instagram fed this gem to my feed.

New Everest scratch off map. Not jumping on the first version of an item that I see is not my forte. I searched and I searched and I found some good maps, but some came up short with features or they were just too small.

This map's detail is great. Listing every country and color coding them so they stand out once you scratch off a place you've visited. If you're in the US this definitely good because you can scratch off States as well. They also put cruise ships and random sail boats on the map. There are whales and crabs, but I'm not really sure why lol. The bottom left zooms in on Europe and the bottom right zooms in on places in the Indian ocean. These really didn't need their own section. May have been good for them to zoom in on the Caribbean islands instead.

The Bucket List section is a nice add on. Plenty of these are actually on my list of things to do or see. There were a couple that made me wonder who made this list, but hey... maybe I should consider their suggestion.

Some additional add-ons are the pins, wiping cloth, pads, and this scratching tool that helps you scratch accurately between the lines.

As you can see to the left, this item is available on Amazon. There are plenty of other places selling similar maps, but the quality of this one is great. New Everest isn't paying for this review, but I do feel that it's worth having and I even got one for my son. We both scratched ours off and we clearly have some work to do. For those that are not as seasoned in traveling the world (like myself) this is great. For those that our well traveled... consider this to be like a resume you can frame and be proud of.

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