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Solo in Medellin

July 21 - 25

Everyone isn't comfortable with traveling solo and it's understandable.  What if you could travel solo, but have people in the city and right around the corner that you could hang with if you choose to.  Get up and meet for breakfast with one person.  Go on an excursion with another.  Or even get a taste of the nightlife with a group of people.


On this trip, there will be no itinerary, but as we get closer to the date we will post several things to do on this page.  There will also be a Whatsapp group chat to allow everyone to communicate with each other before and make plans if they desire.  

There are 3 hotel options and it's a first come first serve basis as these are all popular among visitors to Medellin.  Please review all 3 and then you can decide which one works best for you.  All 3 are in the Pablano neighborhood and are within walking distance to each other. This affluent area has restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.

Click Clack Hotel

Europe Suites

Dix Hotels

Flights and transportation to and from the hotel can be arranged upon request.  Flights out of MIA are looking to be the most inexpensive.  You also have the option to extend your stay and that would need to be known when booking.  Submit the form below for a quote or if you have any additional questions.

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