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About Me

Don't laugh, but for the longest time, my claim to international travel was visiting Canada.  I drove across the Ambassador bridge with excitement.  That's been well over 10 years ago.  I didn't fly until I was 25 due to a fear of free falling.  As much as I wanted to travel there was always something that came up, responsibilities, or I just made other things a priority.  Had a passport for 10 years AND NOT one stamp.


I needed to figure out a way to see the world and experience other cultures and do so at a low cost.  Hmmmmm... Why not become a travel agent.  Work when I want.  Travel at discount.  Get at access to the best prices.  This could work.  Right?


Life is short and every minute counts.  I'm a firm believer of doing what makes you happy and collecting as many experiences as possible.  I don't have a goal as far as how many countries I want to visit, but I do plan to make the most out of each trip and share my experiences with you.  




Feel free to call or text me at 404-919-1932

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