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Ladies and Goblins... Here is a unique opportunity to not only dress up as your alter ego.  Not only go to a Halloween party, but to do it all on a cruise.  But see this is not your typical cruise.  This is lavish.  This is luxury.  This is Virgin Voyages and it's ADULTS ONLY.  That right, 2020 Virgin Voyages is setting sail and We Travel Different & Passport Club have 150 spots available for people to come out and celebrate Halloween at sea.

This vessel will depart Oct 30, 2020 and return Nov 4, 2020.   Our 150 Trick or Treaters will be eligible for prizes and other treats we have in store.  We might just have a best costume contest.   Who knows.

Let's talk about the details of the trip.

DATES: 10/30/2020 - 11/4/2020 / Miami-Puerto Plata-Beach Club at Birmini-Miami






Final Payment Due Date: 7/2/2020

Consider this the early bird special.  Have you seen their cabins yet?  You should really take a look at their cabins!!!

Members will also be eligible for additional treats that we're working out as you read and we will be working to put together a special party for those in the group.  Stay tuned...



Two ways...

Fill out the form below and we will set up your client portal.  Once your client portal is set up you can log in to authorize your payment and we will get you booked.


You can contact Virgin Voyages and provide them with our Circle Number (coming soon).  They will book you into our group and you will be all set.

Remember space is limited and prices are subject to change due to high demand.  Contact KJ with Passport Club by email or phone or contact Lateefah with We Travel Different by email or phone if you have questions

PRICE:  Starting at $1075pp (subject to change)



All food

Basic Beverages (soda, water, etc)

Group Workouts



The price will vary due to the type of rooms and inventory available. 

Virgin Voyages will only allow us to reserve rooms and lock in prices for 7 days.  Yep that's it.  We will only lock in prices once per passenger.  If you fail to book within 7 days, you will need to book when you have your deposit in hand.   


Book into our group by 11/30/20 and your deposit is 1/2 off (normally 20%). 

Virgin Halloween

Thanks for submitting!

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